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On The Cover: Perfect Pitch
Peter Pennoyer creates traditional mouldings at Drumlin Hall. Read more.

Columns: Then and Now
There's no doubt that columns are one of the leading members of the supporting cast of the architectural elements. They fit into almost all categories—ancient, traditional, modern, structural, decorative—you name it. Read more.

Triple Creek Farm
Architect Don McDonald renovates a 19th-century limestone house in Texas. Read more.

Profile: Art & Architecture
Albert, Righter & Tittmann Architects personalizes each house for its clients. Read more.

Period Homes Magazine
Clem Labine
The Great Penn Station Hoax
""It's hard to know where to start listing the flaws and deceptions. First, let's start with the money."
Peter H. Miller
Claiming Your Profit
"Profit margins are what we all think about but rarely discuss. Despite three years of rising revenues in homebuilding and remodeling, profit margins haven't come back to pre-recession levels."
Judy Hayward
Let's Talk About It
"Here is my 2016 wish list for old buildings, historic communities, traditionally inspired new construction and the people who design, build and care for them."
Ken Follett
Falling Forward, Standing Back
"Falling Forward is how I feel most of the time when I am engaged in work of any sort. It is always a crazy, mixed up, sometimes desperate, mad rush to the end of a goal.""

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The Iconic Colonial
With features and forms that are at best vestigial—sometimes even an impediment to optimum light—what's so cool about Colonial? Read more.

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